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022 - Shannon Thompson


Today we talk about the beauty of impermanence, logo theory, microphone placement, finding a drummer and "you doing you"



Music Featured

Intro - "Shine" Aja Ray (feat. TIS)

Live - "Wait" and "Moonshine Woman" Shanon Thompson

outro - "Down In The Hollow" (solo Shannon Thompson/Diet December)



021 - Bill Mathews @ Hurricane Labs

Bill explains to me why the internet and online services isn't as scary as I make it sound in my head.


For more on Hurricane Labs

Intro - Shine Aja Ray (feat. TIS)

outro - Down In The Hollow Diet December



020 - Post-DragonCon Wrap

Just a quick follow up following all of the fun from DragonCon and quickly go into much of the fun and mirth everyone got to have. 

(Update - We've also got the full panel we did @ DreamHack convention added as well - WOOOO!)



019 - Sensei Eileena

"Why the World Would End Without Sensei Eileena".....

We do a profile while in the lyrical dojo of Sensei Eileena


Featured Music (NSFW)
"Empty Emotions (Prod.by TIS)"

"Dear Summer"



018 - DragonCon PreGame w Methot, Kelly, and Snyder

Hanging out with veteran cosplayers and attendee's, Methot, Kelly, and Snyder as we get get ready to play some tabletop D&D while dishing out some tips and factoids to those looking to have fun at the upcoming DragonCon 2017



017 - Dopamine

So we're back after a ton of recording and editing and we've got hip-hop duo Dopamine in the studio.  Follow the origin story of these underground warriors with us this week.




Rambling Report 8/10 Y’all

What happens when one trailblazing podcaster says what none of us will?  Tune in and find out or come up with your own clickbait line!



016 Asabi Niambi

My sister and I stay up super late brainstorming and playing creative mental exercises. Join us...if you dare!



Intro - "Down in the Hollow" (solo) - Shannon Thompson

Outtro - "Twitch" - Nova Twins