Soul Testimony with Hashim Clark

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012 Konstant Evolution

Spiritualist, poet, and kabillonaire Konstant Evolution and I discuss different facets of life and follow up on some controversial conspiracy theories.



011 Aja Ray

Singer, Songwriter, and Soulful Gardner- join us as we chat in the early evening about parenthood, festivals, and some inner workings of the life of a performance artist.


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(aforementioned older art piece)

Intro: Down in the Hollow solo - Shannon Thompson

Outro: Time Heals - Malachi


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010 Conspiracy Theories with Ant & Henny

Secret societies, celebrities, prohibitions and tragedies. Today we cover a broad spectrum as we take a thought experiment ride into the realm of Conspiracy Theories with today's guests Ant and Henny.

****Explicit Language**** 



"The 70 Greatest Conspiracy Theories in Pop-Culture History"


Intro: Down in the Hollow solo - Shannon Thompson

Music Excerpt: "Big Brother" - Tala Matrix Tabla Beat Science

Outro: Time Heals - Malachi


009 Muse Mixtape

Special Episode just starring yours truly.  We took a break this holiday weekend and cut this self interview to better introduce myself to you as well as sprinkled in some legally questionable music (shhhh). Now to better dodge "the man" I won't list them specifically but we list the song names in the show .

****Explicit Language Warning****



008 Turiya Clark

Painter, Aspiring Fashion Mogul, Dancer, and all around whimsical soul Turiya joins us today to discuss inspirations, various vague painting techniques, and  family and cultural roots. 


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007 Allegra Knight

Lyme Warrior. American Ninja Contestant. Activist Rock Climber. Equestrian Master. Artist. Spend an hour with the Indomitable Spirit of Allegra Knight.

 Allegra Knight


006 Brian Methot

Digital Archival Photographer. Glass Etching Enthusiast. Comic Book and Pop Culture Connoisseur (though he'd never have the gall to admit it) - Brian Methot is all of that and a character to boot.

Just....tune in folks.






 and the Aformentioned painting in the episode by Justin Baldwin




005 Dr. David Morris

David and I discuss debunking learning kinestheticis and dealing with cops



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